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Orders of 5 or More
It's simple... order 5 or more shafts and we'll hook you up with a $20 discount on each shaft plus free shipping.  We'll even throw in a free shaft for the player or coach organizing the order.  You can put an order together for your team, friends, summer program, whatever... as long as it is 5 or more shafts, it doesn't matter to us.

To place an order, you can either:

Order through our website...
  • first, collect orders and money (a parent or your team's board can likely help you with this)
  • then place the order through our website like any other order (the discounts and free shipping are calculated automatically)
  • once we receive the order, we'll follow up with you to see which shaft you would like for organizing the order


By mail with a check or checks...
  • email brian@karmadalacrosse.com to get a printable order form
  • you can then collect orders and money
  • mail the order form and check(s) to us and we'll take care of it from there

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