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S-thirty (short stick)
S-thirty (short stick)
Price: $110.00

Highest performing shaft on the market. Three times stronger than titanium shafts and lighter too.

D-sixty (long stick)
D-sixty (long stick)
Price: $170.00

Like the S-thirty, our long stick is lighter than titanium shafts, three times as strong and backed with an 18 month warranty.

Shaft Testing

See why Karmada can offer an 18 month warranty...

True Temper brings measurable testing to the table; they test both on the field and in a lab to statistically measure performance versus the competition.  No shaft (not even the top-end shafts used by DI teams) tested close to the strength & performance levels of our shafts.

This impact test fires a mechanical hammer down on the shaft and measures impact resistance.  Karmada uses True Temper's highest performing short and long stick, which got to the 18th level of this test... some of the top shafts on the market broke at level 1.  

True Temper | Catastrophic Impact Test Using The Drop Tower from TrueTemper on Vimeo.

The Problem with Unmeasurable "Whack Testing"

Learn about how True Temper tests shafts compared to competitors.

True Temper | Graeme Horwood | President of Engineering | Not The Whack Test from TrueTemper on Vimeo.

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